Confidently launch your podcast, build your community, and learn how to monetize your show

An 8-module course with Sabrina and Garret, creators of the I Know Dino podcast

Discover a proven step-by-step blueprint for creating and launching your podcast to share your stories, earn money for your work, and amplify your message to a global audience.

  • Imagine feeling confident about launching and regularly producing a podcast you’re proud of…
  • Imagine reaching people from all corners of the planet, and delivering valuable messages…
  • Imagine being recognized professionally for having a high quality show…

If this resonates with you, then you’re ready to take your expertise, and your stories, to the next stage.

All over the globe there are storytellers, journalists, business leaders, and people passionate about their topics and knowledge, just like you, who are producing podcasts and finding their listeners.

The problem is…as the podcasting industry takes off most podcasters are overwhelmed by the myriad of platforms, tools, technologies, marketing approaches, and products available to them.

And this makes it confusing and nearly impossible to know how to start podcasting in order to create a successful show. You may have doubts and fear failing.

Sadly, many people give up before they start. Or some people dive in and get poor results.

It’s easy to see why…without a proven roadmap to navigate through all the options, it’s too easy for a good storyteller or expert to get lost, wasting needless time and money while struggling to build their podcast from scratch.

Over 2 million podcasts exist already. And with so many new systems and tools being developed in the podcasting ecosystem, it’s easy to get distracted and feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Having a step-by-step blueprint makes the process of launching and producing a podcast 10x easier.

Doing it the RIGHT way makes a huge difference in both your impact and your income. And committing to getting the support you need to create your awesome podcast is the first most important step…

Introducing a powerful step-by-step training program for creating and successfully launching your podcast…

Complete Podcasting Course

Complete Podcasting Course is a comprehensive course that will take you through the process so you can publish your first episode, and have a strong framework to consistently produce your podcast.

In this course we will show you everything you need so you know how to start podcasting. We’ll give you proven, effective strategies and plans so you can focus on sharing your expertise and stories.

You can become clear on your goals and what you need to do to share your authentic voice and confidently launch your podcast.

This course is for you if you’re serious about podcasting, whether that’s turning your passion into a podcast or creating another revenue stream for your business via a podcast.

Meet Your Teachers, Sabrina and Garret

We started podcasting over 6 years ago. At the time all we knew was we had a passion for dinosaurs. 

We learned on our own how to reach out to people to interview, how to record and edit, how to publish our episodes, how to grow the podcast, and eventually, how to monetize our show. And just like today, we had so many choices when it came to platforms and tools. While it was a lot of fun to experiment, it was hard to know what we should be focusing on and what would be best for our show.

After a lot of trial and error, and hundreds of hours researching and learning through various online resources and talking to people, we finally figured it out. We know that when it comes to podcasting, there are so many important stories to share, and impactful ways to reach people around the world. So we want to make it easier for you to get started.

We envision a world where anyone with a passion can share their stories or expertise to inform and connect with others. When podcasters have a process for creating an amazing show, they find joy in the connection of engaging their audience, open doors to compelling conversations, and feel empowered.

What You’ll Learn in Complete Podcasting Course

Module 1: Find Your Topic and Build Your Brand

In our first module, we’ll focus on laying the groundwork for your podcast. You will:

  • Establish your goals, so you have a clear purpose for your podcast, whether it’s a passion project or for your business
  • Fine tune your topic, to ensure your listeners connect with you as a host
  • Take charge of your brand, so your podcast stands out and your show becomes the go-to in your niche

Module 2: Plan Your Show

In this module, we’ll work on setting up the structure of your podcast episodes. You will:

  • Select the voices on your show, so you’re clear from the beginning who to work with
  • Choose the segments for your podcast, so your listeners know what to expect
  • Decide the format for your episodes, to make a podcast you’re proud to share

Module 3: Set Up Your Recording Space

In module 3, you’ll learn what equipment and software you need to set up your studio. You will:

  • Get your podcast gear, so you have everything you need to record ASAP
  • Prepare your recording space, to get into your podcasting groove
  • Set up your podcasting software, so you can start creating podcast episodes